I am not a citizen of an EU country, but I would like to marry a German citizen. What kind of visa do I need?
You can marry in Denmark with any valid visa of the Schengen Agreement (Schengen visa).

Do I need witnesses to a marriage?
Basically yes, but if you don’t have a best man, the registry office will provide you a witness for free.

I am living in Germany as an asylum seeker. Am I able to marry in Denmark?
Unfortunately you don’t. If you are an asylum seeker in Germany, you are not allowed to leave the country.

Is it also possible to get divorced in Denmark?
Unfortunately it is not. The European law says that you are only able to get divorced at the habitation of one of the partners.

I am an Au-Pair here in Germany and I would like to marry a German citizen. Do I have to leave after the marriage in Denmark and go back to my home country?
No, you don’t have to go back to your home country after the marriage, because you are in possession of a stay permit.

I am not a citizen of the EU and I am not able to receive a non-marriage certificate from my home country. Am I able to marry in Denmark though?
As an alternative, you can also execute an affidavit, which says, that you are not married.

Is it also possible for homosexuals to get married in Denmark?
Yes, indeed. In certain communes it’s possible for same-gender couples to marry.

Into what language do I have to translate my documents? And where may I do this?
Your documents have to be translated into German, English or Danish. This translation has to be fulfilled by a licensed translator (ISO-norm). If you desire, we can also take care of this for you.

If I marry in Denmark, may I assume my partners name?
Unfortunately you are not able to assume your partners name since 2006. But you are able to do this at any other habitation.

Do you need my original documents to check them? How long does that take?
It’s possible to send us the copies of your documents. You will get a callback during 48 hours.