About us

Welcome to Travel for Joy and thank you very much for your interest. We would like to let you know more about our business and services.

Marriage in Denmark, the European Las Vegas, is nowadays a very easy and comfortable way, to legally bind you heart and soul – not only for German citizen. With our services, people from all over Europe, former Soviet Union and Israel are able to receive a valid marriage certificate.

Our service especially suits multicultural couples, because it avoids inconvenient bureaucracy and your marriage is guaranteed approved in Germany (based on a declaration between Germany and Denmark 1936).

The cooperation of long duration with many different Danish communes allows a marriage at any day during the week, besides Sunday. Checking your documents by Danish jurists mostly takes 5 to 7 days.

Besides a professional guidance, we organize everything about your travel, your stay and your eagerly awaited marriage. At least we also help you to receive a residence authorization after your marriage. We make legally joining of two people possible, no matter the origin and in an easy and comfortable way.
Let us create a romantic and joyful trip for you.

Our offers

  1. Free document check
  2. Document translation into German language
  3. Legalization and apostille in former Soviet Union and Denmark
  4. Hotel or Apartment reservation
  5. Professional photo-shooting
  6. Hair stylist and floral services
  7. Journey to/from Denmark with our vehicles, company and support all the time

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